Evaluation of Business Analytic Solutions Using a Matrix

Creators: Müller, J. and Engel, Tobias
Title: Evaluation of Business Analytic Solutions Using a Matrix
Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item
Event Title: POMS, 29th Annual Conference
Event Location: Houston
Date: 8 May 2018
Divisions: Informationsmanagement
Abstract: Firms use business analytic systems to analyze data to ensure their future success. Hence, it is important to understand the functionalities of business analytic systems to fulfill the requirements of firms. However, a comparison between offered functionalities of applications and requirements of firms within the business analytics process does not exist. Hence, our research proposes a matrix that creates an opportunity to assess the fit of business analytic systems with the business analytics process. As research method, we conducted a literature review. We propose a matrix that relates required functionalities within the analytics process helping to select a business analytics solution. We contribute to theory by proposing the matrix explaining how business analytic systems support firms to create value and combine the business analytics process with requirements of firms. Practitioners can use the matrix to distinguish the systems to chose an appropriate system that suits their needs.

Müller, J. and Engel, Tobias (2018) Evaluation of Business Analytic Solutions Using a Matrix. In: POMS, 29th Annual Conference, Houston.

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