Knowledge Management

Creators: Wagner, Heinz-Theo and Moos, Bernhard
Title: Knowledge Management
Item Type: Book Section
Projects: CROSS
Page Range: pp. 1-3
Additional Information: Vol.6: International Management
Date: 2014
Divisions: Informationsmanagement
Abstract (ENG): Knowledge is arguably the most important asset of firms and a central tenet of the knowledge‐based view that regard firms as systems of knowledge production and application. In this context, two forms of knowledge – explicit and tacit knowledge – gain significant interest in literature and are discussed with respect to diverse knowledge management processes such as knowledge creation or knowledge transfer. Knowledge management deals with systematic processes to identify, acquire, create, share, apply, and maintain knowledge, and is critical for firms to fulfill their organizational objectives.
Forthcoming: No
Language: English

Wagner, Heinz-Theo and Moos, Bernhard (2014) Knowledge Management. In: (Cooper, Cary L. ed.) Wiley Encyclopedia of Management; 6 Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, pp. 1-3. ISBN 9781119972518

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