The MPTP model: an update

Creators: Russ, Hermann and Mihatsch, Walter and Przuntek, Horst
Title: The MPTP model: an update
Item Type: Book Section
Page Range: pp. 237-242
Date: 1989
Divisions: Gesundheitsmanagement
Abstract (ENG): MPTP is a neurotoxic agent which produces a parkinsonlike syndrome in humans and non-human primates by selective destruction of dopaminergic neurons in the nigrostriatal system. The two actual views on the mechanism of MPTP toxicity are the free radical theory and the theory of blocked energy metabolism. The chronic MPTP syndrome in old monkeys is in spite of some disagreements the best model of Parkinson’s disease which is available. The main experimental problems of the chronic MPTP model are the nutrition of the monkeys, the homogenity of the groups and the scoring of motor deficiency. The MPTP research results in new aspects for aetiology and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
Forthcoming: No
Language: English

Russ, Hermann and Mihatsch, Walter and Przuntek, Horst (1989) The MPTP model: an update. In: Early diagnosis and preventive therapy in Parkinson's disease (eds. Przuntek, H. u.a.)..). Wien: Springer, pp. 237-242. (Key Topics in Brain Research). ISBN 9783211820803

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