Parameterizable Views for Process Visualization

Creators: Bobrik, Ralph and Bauer, Thomas and Reichert, Manfred
Title: Parameterizable Views for Process Visualization
Item Type: Monograph
Date: 2007
Divisions: Informationsmanagement
Abstract: In large organizations different users or user groups usually have distinguished perspectives over business processes and related data. Personalized views on the managed processes are therefore needed. Existing BPM tools, however, do not provide adequate mechanisms for building and visualizing such views. Very often processes are displayed to users in the same way as drawn by the process designer. To tackle this inflexibility this paper presents an advanced approach for creating personalized process views based on well-defined, parameterizable view operations. Respective operations can be flexibly composed in order to reduce or aggregate process information in the desired way. Depending on the chosen parameterization of the applied view operations, in addition, different "quality levels" with more or less relaxed properties can be obtained for the resulting process views (e.g., regarding the correctness of the created process view scheme). This allows us to consider the specific needs of the different applications utilizing process views (e.g., process monitoring tools or process editors). Altogether, the realized view concept contributes to better deal with complex, long-running business processes with hundreds up to thousands of activities.
Forthcoming: No
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Bobrik, Ralph and Bauer, Thomas and Reichert, Manfred (2007) Parameterizable Views for Process Visualization. Project Report, TR-CTIT-07-37, Enschede: University of Twente.

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