Risk-taking with Other People’s Money

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Creators: Kvaloy, Ola and Eriksen, Kristoffer and Luzuriaga, Miguel
Title: Risk-taking with Other People’s Money
Item Type: Monograph
Projects: ILR
Date: November 2016
Divisions: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Abstract: We present an experimental study on how people take risk with other people’s money. We use three different elicitation methods, and study how each subject makes decisions both on behalf of own money and on behalf of another individual’s money. We find that a majority of subjects make different decisions on behalf of others than on behalf of themselves. Approximately one third of the subjects increase risk-taking when it is on behalf of another subject, while one third reduces risk-taking. In sum, we find a weak tendency of lower risk-taking with other’s money compared with own money. We also find that subjects on average think that others are more risk averse than themselves. Moreover, subjects believe that other participants take less risk with their own money than with other people’s money.
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Kvaloy, Ola and Eriksen, Kristoffer and Luzuriaga, Miguel (2016) Risk-taking with Other People’s Money. Working Paper, University of Stavanger.

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