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Schobel, Johannes and Volz, Madeleine and Hörner, Katharina and Kuhn, Peter and Jobst, Franz and Schwab, Julian D. and Ikonomi, Nensi and Werle, Silke D. and Fürstberger, Axel and Hoenig, Klaus and Kestler, Hans A. (2021) Supporting Medical Staff from Psycho-Oncology with Smart Mobile Devices: Insights into the Development Process and First Results. International journal of environmental research and public health : IJERPH / Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 18 (10). p. 5092. ISSN 1660-4601 (online)

Schwab, Julian D. and Schobel, Johannes and Werle, Silke D. and Fürstberger, Axel and Ikonomi, Nensi and Szekely, Robin and Thiam, Patrick and Hühne, Rolf and Jahn, Niels and Schuler, Rainer and Kuhn, Peter and Holderried, Martin and Steger, Florian and Reichert, Manfred and Kaisers, Udo X. and Kestler, Angelika M. R. and Seufferlein, Thomas and Kestler, Hans A. (2021) Perspective on mHealth Concepts to Ensure Users’ Empowerment–From Adverse Event Tracking for COVID-19 Vaccinations to Oncological Treatment. IEEE Access : practical research, open solutions / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 9. pp. 83863-83875. ISSN 2169-3536

Shokrizadeharani, Leila and Batooli, Zahra and Heydarian, Saeedeh and Sharif, Reihane and Ghaderkhany, Shady and Tamehbidgoli, Maryam and Ataiejahanbegloo, Fatemehzahra and Hieber, Daniel and Kuhn, Peter (2023) Evaluation of Completeness, Comparability, Validity, and Timeliness in Cancer Registries : A Scoping Review. In: (Proceedings of the) 21st International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH), July, 1-3, 2023, Athens, Greece, pp. 160-163. (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; 305). ISBN 9781643684017

Maier, Daniel and Vehreschild, Barbara and Meyer and Hadaschik, Boris and Palm, Stefan and Singer, Susanne and Stuschke, Martin and Juárez, David and Delpy, Pierre and Lambarki, Mohamed and Hummel, Michael and Engels, Cäcilia and Andreas, Stefanie and Gökbuget, Nicola and Ihrig, Kristina and Burock, Susen and Keune, Dietmar and Eggert, Angelika and Keilholz, Ulrich and Schulz, Hagen and Büttner, Daniel and Löck, Steffen and Krause, Mechthild and Esins, Mirko and Ressing, Frank and Schuler, Martin and Brandts, Christian and Brucker, Daniel P. and Husmann, Gabriele and Oellerich, Thomas and Metzger, Patrick and Voigt, Frederick and Illert, Anna L. and Theobald, Matthias and Kindler, Thomas and Sudhof, Ursula and Reckmann, Achim and Schwinghammer, Felix and Nasseh, Daniel and Weichert, Wilko and Von Bergwelt-Baildon, Michael and Bitzer, Michael and Malek, Nisar and Öner, Öznur and Schulze-Osthoff, Klaus and Bartels, Stefan and Haier, Jörg and Ammann, Raimund and Schmidt, Anja F. and Günther, Bernd and Janning, Melanie and Kasper, Bernd and Loges, Sonja and Stilgenbauer, Stephan and Kuhn, Peter and Tausch, Eugen and Runow, Silvana and Kerscher, Alexander and Neumann, Michael and Breu, Martin and Lablans, Martin and Serve, Hubert (2023) Profile of the multicenter cohort of the German Cancer Consortium’s Clinical Communication Platform. European Journal of Epidemiology, 38 (5). pp. 573-586. ISSN 1573-7284

Claerhout, Brecht and Kalra, Dipak and Mueller, Christina and Singh, Gurparkash and Ammour, Nadir and Meloni, Laura and Blomster, Juuso and Hopley, Mark and Kafatos, George and Garvey, Almenia and Kuhn, Peter and Lewi, Martine and Vannieuwenhuyse, Bart and Marchal, Benoit and Patel, Ketan and Schindler, Christoph and Sundgren, Mats (2019) Federated electronic health records research technology to support clinical trial protocol optimization: Evidence from EHR4CR and the InSite platform. Journal of biomedical informatics : JBI, 90. Digital Paper 103090. ISSN 1532-0480

Kestler, Angelika M. R. and Kühlwein, Silke D. and Kraus, Johann M. and Schwab, Julian D. and Szekely, Robin and Thiam, Patrick and Hühne, Rolf and Jahn, Niels and Fürstberger, Axel and Ikonomi, Nensi and Balig, Julien and Schuler, Rainer and Kuhn, Peter and Steger, Florian and Seufferlein, Thomas and Kestler, Hans A. (2021) Digitalization of adverse event management in oncology to improve treatment outcome—A prospective study protocol. Plos One, 16 (6). e0252493. ISSN 1932-6203

Stenzinger, Albrecht and Edsjö, Anders and Ploeger, Carolin and Friedman, Mikaela and Fröhling, Stefan and Wirta, Valtteri and Seufferlein, Thomas and Botling, Johan and Duyster, Justus and Akhras, Michael and Thimme, Robert and Fioretos, Thoas and Bitzer, Michael and Cavelier, Lucia and Schirmacher, Peter and Malek, Nisar and Rosenquist, Richard and GMS Working Group and ZPM Working Group (2022) Trailblazing precision medicine in Europe: A joint view by Genomic Medicine Sweden and the Centers for Personalized Medicine, ZPM, in Germany. Seminars in Cancer Biology, 84. pp. 242-254. ISSN 1096-3650

Völkel, Gunnar and Fürstberger, Axel and Schwab, Julian D. and Werle, Silke D. and Ikonomi, Nensi and Gscheidmeier, Thomas and Kraus, Johann M. and Groß, Alexander and Holderried, Martin and Balig, Julien and Jobst, Franz and Kuhn, Peter and Kuhn, Klaus K. and Kohlbacher, Oliver and Kaisers, Udo X. and Seufferlein, Thomas and Kestler, Hans A. (2021) Patient Empowerment During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Ensuring Safe and Fast Communication of Test Results: Implementation and Performance of a Tracking System. Journal of medical internet research : JMIR, 23 (6). e27348.. ISSN 1438-8871

Vahl, Julius M and Wigand, Marlene C and Denkinger, Michael and Dallmeier, Dhayana and Steiger, Chiara and Welke, Claudia and Kuhn, Peter and Idel, Christian and Doescher, Johannes and von Witzleben, Adrian and Brand, Matthias and Marienfeld, Ralf and Möller, Peter and Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole and Greve, Jens and Schuler, Patrick and Brunner, Cornelia and Hoffmann, Thomas K. (2021) Increasing mean age of head and neck cancer patients at a German tertiary referral center. Cancers, 13 (4). p. 832. ISSN 2072-6694

De Gregorio, Amelie and Nagel, Gabriele and Möller, Peter and Rempen, Andreas and Schlicht, Erik and Fritz, Steffen and Flock, Felix and Kühn, Thorsten and Thiel, Falk and Felberbaum, Ricardo and Ebner, Florian and De Gregorio, Nikolaus and Friedl, Thomas W. and Wiesmüller, Lisa and Kuhn, Peter and Schmitt, Margit and Janni, Wolfgang and Rothenbacher, Dietrich and Huober, Jens (2020) Feasibility of a large multi-center translational research project for newly diagnosed breast and ovarian cancer patients with affiliated biobank: the BRandO biology and outcome (BiO)-project. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 301. pp. 273-281. ISSN 1432-0711

Kraus, Johann M. and Lausser, Ludwig and Kuhn, Peter and Jobst, Franz and Bock, Michaela and Halanke, Carolin and Hummel, Michael and Heuschmann, Peter and Kestler, Hans A. (2018) Big data and precision medicine: challenges and strategies with healthcare data. International Journal of Data Science and Analytics, 6. pp. 241-249. ISSN 2364-4168

Schoffer, Olaf and Schülein, Stefanie and Arand, Gerlinde and Arnholdt, Hans and Baaske, Dieter and Bargou, Ralf C. and Becker, Niklaus and Beckmann, Matthias W. and Bodack, Yves and Böhme, Beatrix and Bozkurt, Tayfun and Breitsprecher, Regine and Buchali, André and Burger, Elke and Burger, Ulrike and Dommisch, Klaus and Elsner, Gudrun and Fernschild, Karin and Flintzer, Ulrike and Funke, Uwe and Gerken, Michael and Göbel, Hubert and Grobe, Norbert and Gumpp, Vera and Heinzerling, Lucie and Kempfer, Lana R. and Kiani, Alexander and Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika and Klöcking, Sabine and Kreibich, Ute and Knabner, Katrin and Kuhn, Peter and Lutze, Stine and Mäder, Uwe and Maisel, Tanja and Maschke, Jan and Middeke, Martin and Neubauer, Andreas and Niedostatek, Antje and Opazo-Saez, Anabelle and Peters, Christoph and Schell, Beatrice and Schenkirsch, Gerhard and Schmalenberg, Harald and Schmidt, Peter and Schneider, Constanze and Schubotz, Birgit and Seide, Anika and Strecker, Paul and Taubenheim, Sabine and Wackes, Matthias and Weiß, Steffen and Welke, Claudia and Werner, Carmen and Wittekind, Christian and Wulff, Jörg and Zettl, Heike and Klugl, Stefanie J. (2016) Tumour stage distribution and survival of malignant melanoma in Germany 2002--2011. BMC cancer, 16. p. 936. ISSN 1471-2407

Fürstberger, Axel and Ikonomi, Nensi and Kestler, Angelika MR and Marienfeld, Ralf and Schwab, Julian D. and Kuhn, Peter and Seufferlein, Thomas and Kestler, Hans A. (2023) AMBAR-interactive alteration annotations for molecular tumor boards. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 240. Digital Paper 107697. ISSN 1872-7565

Völkel, Gunnar and Fürstberger, Axel and Schwab, Julian D. and Kühlwein, Silke D. and Gscheidmeier, Thomas and Kraus, Johann M. and Groß, Alexander and Kohlmayer, Florian and Kuhn, Peter and Kuhn, Klaus A. and Kohlbacher, Oliver and Seufferlein, Thomas and Kestler, Hans A. (2020) A secure and rapid query-software for COVID-19 test results that can easily be integrated into the clinical workflow to avoid communication overload. medRxiv. Preprint 2020.04.07.20056887.

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